Powerful Web based Framework to provide fully managed user interface. No Client installation, runs in web browser. Contains several UI modules. Includes  integrated AD user management.
Create a full business intelligense system and access process data with just one tool! Scalable and secure, delivery over the web. With AWR Reporting you can do it all: production reports, ad hoc reports, OEE, sales, emission reports, production reports...
Connects to almost any time based process data and alarms database. Available for MS SQL Server, Wonderware Historian, Honeywell PHD, Oracle and MySQL. Read more!


Create reports with data from multible sources. Connects to MS SQL Server, Oracle, Wonderware Historian, Honeywell PHD, MySQL, Excel and any ODBC. Read more
Process visualization made easy! Create HMI applications using Visual Studio or Expression Blend. 
No Client installation, runs in web browser. Contains several UI and communication Controls.
OPC Systems.NET
Resale of Open Automatins OPC Systems.NET products. Discover breakthrough .NET products for SCADA, HMI and pland floor to business solutions to shorten your development to deployment time.
Includes Open Automations OPC WPF HMI.NET for real time OPC connections. Migrate with AWR Reporting or use stand-alone. Read more!
 Open Automation offers a complete suite of products to meet all of your SCADA and NHI application requirements. More information at
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